The Magdalen Manuscript: A Book Review


Do you have an uncontrollable burning desire for someone? Do you feel a telepathic connection with them? Does this person mirror you?

Today I am reviewing The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion. 

I am discussing soul relationships, the twin flame journey, karma vs. destiny, healing through sex, Mary Magdalen’s story and MORE!

The Magdalen Manuscript

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The Book of Enoch 12/30

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 Every Little Living Thing 






Collective messages for life and all it brings. That includes the GOOD, BAD, and UGLY.  We will be discussing the trials and tribulations of this journey on planet earth. As well as concepts you can apply in your life for SELF IMPROVEMENT. #Imani-Osei-Acheampong  #bookreview #spirituality #guidance #astrology #collective #manifestation #goodreads #mentalhealth #occultwisdom #twinflame #sagseason #Hermetic #philosophy #marymagdalen

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